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  • An application aimed at revolutionising the industries!

    Mecasem is launching the IFI (I Found It) application which enables you to oversee in real time the state of your measurment instruments fleet. Thanks to this application, you can now optimize your time and secure the use of your measurment equipment.

    Mecasem se diversifie !

    « Compte tenu de la grave crise que traverse l’aérien, nous développons notre activité vers des secteurs qui offrent un potentiel important, comme le médical et l’agroalimentaire. Notre expertise dans l’aéronautique garantit à tous nos clients un haut niveau de fiabilité de nos process » explique Stéphanie Chevalier codirigeante générale de Mecasem.

    Nous nous lançons donc dans la conquête de nouveaux marchés tout en misant sur nos certifications.

    Mecasem is diversifying !

    « Due to the serious crisis the air transport sector is currently facing, Mecasem is currently developing its activities towards sectors offering great potential like the medical and agribusiness sectors. Our expertise in aeronautics offers our customers a high level of reliability in our processes. » explains Stéphanie Chevalier, co-Manager at Mecasem.

    Our permanent standards monitoring :

    We use the services of the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry since 2012 in order to keep a permanent watch on standards.

    Every month, Tifany Jouet in charge of the Quality department at Mecasem receives a list indicating any changes in 150 standards as well as alerts about our field of operations.

    The CCI also provides us with standards and conducts documentary research, especially when we are working on innovative projects like additive manufacturing.


    We thank the CCI for promoting our skills.